Data Centres

Data Centres are a key part of the infrastructure of modern commerce and demand continues to grow.

While Data Centres are fundamentally industrial buildings, they are highly functional and the design requirements are constantly changing. Our team of specialists understands these business-critical facilities and supports our clients through planning and environmental consent, design, construction and ongoing maintenance.

Data Centres
Data Centres 2

Specialist understanding of infrastructure, cloud-based technology and security are critical to the success of any project. Power is one of the key considerations in data centre delivery and specialist advice during the design and construction phase results in improved energy efficiency and continuity of service.

Our expertise includes:

  • Design team selection and scope
  • Risk management skills and specialist knowledge of data centre delivery
  • BREEAM attainment
  • Ability to work seamlessly with in-house teams
  • Coordination of key stakeholders – client, operations and data management teams
  • Compliance with planning and building regulations
  • Understanding of the constantly evolving requirements of this sector

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