Residential & Mixed Use Development

Residential and mixed-use development is an omnipresent feature of modern living and a growing population.

With excellent planning and execution, guided by experienced professionals, mixed-use development can deliver for all stakeholders.

Residential and mixed use development requires careful collaboration between experienced practitioners across design, planning, project management and construction to achieve the right solution.

Whether it is a tailored residential development service from site assembly to snagging, student accommodation, private rental sector (PRS) or office to residential conversion, we have the experience to guide your project to a successful outcome.

Lysander move projects from initial inception through to design development, planning, procurement, construction, delivery and end use occupation. Using our knowledge and experience, we aim to create some of the most innovative, collaborative and agile mixed-use developments possible, and we are not afraid to push boundaries along the way.

We work alongside clients to deliver these complex developments according to an agreed development plan, budget, business objectives and investment parameters whilst minimising risk and maximising the end user experience.

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