About Lysander

Founded in 2001, Lysander is wholly independent and provides bespoke project management services for commercial and residential developments of all scales and levels of complexity.

We continue to grow organically, having built a strong reputation with extensive industry experience across warehouse and logistics, retail, residential and mixed use development, offices and private residential.

Lysander Associates

Meeting of minds

The success of any project relies heavily on the way in which the project team work together. We tailor-make a new team for every project, so you can be sure that the experts we provide are perfectly matched to your requirements. From project managers and cost consultants, to building surveyors, architects, interior designers and engineers, we facilitate a meeting of minds to realise your vision.

We also carefully select contractors and sub-contractors for the project, using only those we know deliver the highest quality work to meet our exacting standards and have strengths relevant to the needs of your project.

We take a meticulous and collaborative approach to project management and all our projects are director-led. We know from experience that our personal approach delivers the best results.

A reputation for quality

We are proud to have a reputation for providing reliable project delivery throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Our renowned teams have been helping property owners and occupiers, investors and developers to maximise the value of their real estate assets since 2001.

Working with our network of agency, development and valuations advisers we are able to identify, negotiate and acquire properties to meet your requirements. Through our project management offer, we also assist clients in creating and remodelling their properties to provide homes, offices and retail spaces of the highest character and quality.

Lysander acts as your representative and recommend, appoint and coordinate a unique design team before managing the construction process on your behalf.

Transparent costing

Our priority with every project is finding the perfect solution for you. No matter what your budget may be, from modest to limitless, we always strive to provide exceptional projects at the best possible value.

We begin every commission with a full and detailed cost plan to assure you there will be no hidden expenses.

We negotiate with each designer and consultant separately so you are completely aware of every individual expense.

We offer complete transparency, enabling you to keep track of everything that transforms your project from a dream to a reality.

Have a project in mind? Our team would be pleased to hear from you. Call 01483 527811 or email us.