Development & Fund Monitoring

The team at Lysander are here to ensure that our clients’ interests are always protected and that their development and fund monitoring objectives are realised in accordance with their expectations.

We add value and innovation to projects, acting for tenants, lenders and investors.


We act for tenants, lenders and investors engaging in development projects, significant fit out or building works, where technical knowledge needs to be combined with an understanding of obligations set out within development agreements, lending facility agreements and agreements for lease.

We have extensive experience advising clients at an early stage of a development opportunity, supporting their legal advisors, understanding the commercial aspects of a development and how best to mitigate associated risk at the pre-contract stage. We ensure that our clients enter into agreements with clarity of obligations and outcomes so that the quality, programme and costs are captured. We are retained by our clients to monitor and give objective progress reports during the construction phase, through to a successful completion and handover. In this way we are able to identify project risks that may affect investment value, operational activity or costs. Our skilled team will work with you throughout the entire construction process on projects of all sizes and in all sectors.


As occupiers of a property you will need the completed building to meet your requirements, to be of high quality and to perform operationally. You also need it to be delivered on time, to ensure business continuity. Of course, you also need the building to be ready for your own installations and equipment. We have worked on behalf of many tenants, from highly automated sortation facilities through to multi-unit estates, as well as office and retail fit outs providing expert insight, problem-solving and peace of mind.


As a lender you require Lysander to carefully monitor all aspects of development which could impact your ability to recover your capital. We help lenders to make informed lending decisions by assessing risks and suggesting a strategy for mitigation. The duration of the funding commitment tends to place a particular emphasis on the construction stage and immediate post-construction period of the development cycle. We are comfortable with the variety of facilities available in the market and expectations of both the borrowers and lenders in the relationship.


We understand the risks associated with maintaining investment values when entering into agreements to purchase new developments. We provide advice at this early stage when negotiations are still on-going as well as providing monitoring throughout the life of a project to protect investment value.

Mindful of both of your immediate commercial exposure and long-term interests in the completed asset, we focus not only on immediate, short-term construction risk and market appeal, but also on sustainable investments with a clear understanding of your exit strategy for the asset.

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