Lysander team members Joe Edwards, Richard May, Rob Kane and Steve Martin were in Dublin yesterday to meet clients and visit sites.

One of the most notable visits of the day was Unit 3 at Vantage Business Park, where Barry Flood and Laurence Flood of Newpark showcased their impressive use of timber construction for their industrial and logistics buildings. It was a pleasure to see the innovative techniques and materials they employ.

Thanks to Laurence and Barry for their warm hospitality and for being so generous with their time.

Richard shared his thoughts on the use of the timber frame:

“These units are a great example of how the design of this type of building needs to be. With customers looking to our industry to provide workplaces that meet their ESG standards, this is a great example. Items such as glazed smoke vents in the roof, large sections of translucent wall cladding, and pre-cast and glulam sections all go some way to achieve this. With the backdrop of increased material costs, the location of manufacturing, etc., this might be the answer.

The downsides, in my opinion, are larger column section sizes, condensation on the translucent panels, and fire safety, all of which need to be reviewed and considered.

To sum up, credit to Newpark. They have built a great-looking scheme that the industry can look at, prod, poke, have these discussions, and make our decisions.”