This week, Miguel Angel Falcon Escalona Angel Falcón, Managing Director of Lysander in Spain, moderated the #PROJECT2023 forum organised by CESINE Jornadas and Revista Metros2 that took place at the headquarters of CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo in Madrid.

Topics covered included new relationships between developer and builder through collaborative processes and the role of the project manager, key “secrets” to avoid legal problems in construction management, how the role of the Project Manager goes beyond the execution of works and provides 360º support as well as monitoring projects for the operator and the developer.

The most interesting discussion came later when executives of some of the most influential project management companies discussed:
– The need to work cooperatively with designers, engineering companies and general contractors from the very early stages of the project.
– How to work in an open book environment to deal with uncertainties and the changing environment. Two strategies were discussed: a collaboration contract between the developer and the general contractor and the project manager providing a design and build service with a guaranteed maximum price.
– The industrialisation of construction and ESG aspects.
– Opportunities for project managers to play a wider role in all aspects of real estate development. 

Undoubtedly, it was an exciting forum that allowed participants to comment transparently and disruptively on the most intimate aspects of our sector, quality project management.