Over the last 45 months, the Lysander team in Spain have provided development management services for the refurbishment and renovation works of the building that will house the future Google Cybersecurity Training Center in Malaga.

The project’s first milestone was completed recently, and before the interior design and user fit-out start, the building owner and Google invited the municipal team to visit the completed works to learn about the history of the building, the impact of the project and the challenges involved. The visit was attended by members of the municipal team, the promoter and end user and members of their teams. The attendees toured the building, which has been restored and equipped to the highest standards and enjoyed the views across the city from the roof terraces.

The visit was attended by Mr Francisco de la Torre (Mayor of Málaga), Mr Raul López (Town Planning Councilor), Mr José Cardador (Head of Town Planning), Mrs Leonor Muñoz (Head of the Works Department) and Mr Luis Utrera (Responsible Technician for the Works Department). All have been involved since the beginning of the project, facilitating communication and agreement on the scope of permitted works and speeding up the process of obtaining a license as much as possible.

Miguel Angel Falcón, Managing Director of Lysander Spain and Director of this project, together with his colleague Luis Hernández, said:

“The building and its surroundings have been completely renovated, improving the visual quality of the area and enhancing the axis of Paseo de la Farola and Muelle Uno. With a lot of effort, a building that is part of the city’s historical heritage and the memory of its citizens has been recovered.

In addition, the renovated asset and the user’s brand have already made this building a landmark and reference for the city. This project has helped make the city a reference in social networks and the international business community.

The development of this project has increased the demand for quality office spaces in the city centre in renovated, flexible buildings with sustainable certifications such as LEED or BREEAM.
The renovation of the asset has generated a benefit for the province of Malaga since all the contractors involved in the execution of the works and part of the consultants are locals.

This project is already a role model for large national and international companies by offering employees the best spaces and services in a very attractive environment. All of this at a reasonable rent level compared to Madrid and Barcelona. It is also an example of an investment model for developers and professional funds willing to renovate buildings with real added value.”

At Lysander, we have taken a step forward and acted as Real Estate Project Leaders. We cover all the areas of the project as a whole, leading and connecting the technical, commercial and legal aspects. For this, we coordinate all the agents, consultants and “stakeholders” (administrations, end users, end investors and others) necessary for the project.

We apply a creative, flexible project management approach. Our approach provides investors with the following:

• Leadership, acting as the sole point of contact and responsibility in this type of complex project.
• A collaborative work environment in which we enhance the performance of all specialists.
• Experience and talent through a multidisciplinary team with more than 27 years of experience in the real estate industry in various sectors.
• A proven track record and fee structures aligned with project milestones.
• Transparency and control in an open book environment.”

Miguel Ángel Falcón, November 25, 2022